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About Us

Welcome to our web store!

If you are not yet familiar with our work - we are an SIRANA IPAK cheese factory!
We have nurtured the tradition of cheese production for over twenty years using a unique recipe that is credited with a number of quality awards.
All the cheeses and dairy products you find on this website we got thanks to our hardworking cows.
Just for you, they search for the best of nature around our farm and give first-class milk with a specific aroma.
But that's not all, in order for you to really taste the quality of the Dalmatian Zagora, we made sure to bring a real Dalmatian feast to your table.
With meat delicacies, top wines, honey and our cheeses - we guarantee that you will not remain indifferent or hungry!


Adresa: Put Čikole 3, Pakovo Selo 22320 Drniš
OIB: 66055650446
MB: 04314875

IBAN: HR7323900011199010416