US Dollar


equates to $1.08 per 1 kg(s)

Olive oil Laća

equates to $19,258.18 per 1 l

Meadow honey

Meadow honey is sometimes called flower honey because it is prepared from various meadow flowers. Thanks to this rich and varied composition, meadow honey has a really wide application.
equates to $1.95 per 1 kg(s)

Gift package 1

Delight your loved ones with the unforgettable tastes of the Dalmatian hinterland.


Whey is a liquid by-product in the production of cheese and other dairy products. It is extremely healthy and rich in protein.
equates to $0.17 per 1 l

Cheese stuffed red peppers

Cheese stuffed red peppers are made using sweet and sour red peppers and cream cheese. It has a mild taste.